Multi-Unit Apartment Complex - Highlands Ranch, CO

Type: Commercial
Project: Multi-Unit Apartment Complex
Scope: Structural Repairs/Building Envelope Repairs
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Value: $6.6 MM
Duration: 18 Months


Proactive building maintenance and upgrade program including structural repairs and building envelope restoration.

Project Scope:
• 20 occupied buildings
• Remove and replace 219 elevated concrete decks and 60 common stairways;
• Includes concrete removal and replacement, re-flashing, and waterproofing using the Grace Deck Prep system
• Remove wooden handrails; fabrication and installation of new upgraded metal handrails
• Remove and re-flash 559 fenestrations
• Remove and replace 87,000 square feet of stucco and stone veneer
• All associated cosmetic repairs


• Units occupied throughout construction
• Maintain normal, safe access to all units during construction
• Attention to health and safety of residents throughout ongoing active jobsite
• Zero tolerance for defects in waterproofing system
• Protecting workspace from elements and maintaining minimum temperatures required for waterproofing application.