Multi-Unit Apartment Complex - Lakewood, CO

Type: Commercial
Project: Multi-Unit Apartment Complex
Scope: Structural Repairs/Building Envelope Repairs
Location: Lakewood, CO
Value: $1.0MM
Duration: Five Months


Years of water intrusion due to inadequate flashing and waterproofing caused deterioration of common exterior stairway landings. To protect their real investment and eliminate safety concerns the ownership group replaced the landings and stairways.

Project Scope:
• Nine occupied buildings
• Remove and replace 18 common stairways and landings;
• Included demolition, re-framing, flashing, waterproofing, concrete, new concrete treads, and new railings
• Remove and replace 80 decks; included demolition, re-framing, flashing, and new TREX decking
• Remove and replace 36,000 square feet of composite siding
• Complete all associated cosmetic repairs


• Units occupied throughout construction
• Maintaining normal, safe access to all units
• Health and safety of residents throughout active jobsite
• Strict adherence to expedited project schedule
• Limited construction staging area and parking