Senior Housing Campus - Albuquerque, NM

Type: Commercial
Project: Senior Housing Campus
Scope: Building Envelope Repair/Renovation/Other Services
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Value: $150K
Duration: Two Months

Construction-related flashing and waterproofing issues created water intrusion and mold problems in the lobby area. Client completed additional building renovations in conjunction with the remedial work.

Project Scope:
• Correction of multiple building envelope issues
• Mold remediation throughout facility
• Lobby, special care wing and atrium renovations
• Containment of work areas
• Remove and replace tenant finishes

• Facility was fully occupied throughout construction project
• Residents'/staff's daily routines could not be altered
• Special care patients could not be displaced or disrupted
• Containments/negative pressure critical to health and safety
• Timing for loud construction activities critical to residents
• Safety for construction workers, staff and residents

Athletic Club - Fort Collins, CO

Type: Commercial
Project: Athletic Club
Scope: Building Envelope Repairs/Restoration
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Value: $2.1MM
Duration: Seven Months


Excessive snow load damaged the structural integrity of the roof, resulting in replacement of the entire roof and associated structural elements.

Project Scope:
• Design-build, including value engineering
• Replace all structural elements of 50,000 square foot commercial roof
• Provide all containment, safety, and security for tenant
• Remove and replace existing roof-mounted HVAC units
• Remove and replace all electrical services throughout roof structure
• Remove and replace plumbing and fire sprinklers within roof system

• Roof was replaced in sections to allow continued use of health club facilities
• Safety of patrons and staff during construction hours
• Construction of tunnel to ensure continuous safe building access
• Premises protection during inclement weather

Commercial Office Building - Littleton, CO

Type: Commercial
Project: Commercial Office Building
Scope: Structural Repair/Building Envelope Repair
Location: Littleton, CO
Value: $150K
Duration: Four Months

Expansive soils created foundation movement on the central and back walls of the building. Construction defects created water intrusion issues, causing mold growth and damage to structural members.

Project Scope:
• 5,000 square foot commercial building
• Containment of work areas
• Remove and replace tenant finishes
• Install 5 Ram Jack helical tiebacks
• Install 16 Ram Jack hydraulically advanced steel piers
• Mold remediation
• Install new foundation drainage system
• Remove and replace stucco facade
• Remove and replace windows, doors and framing
• Re-grade exterior to create positive drainage

• Ongoing business could not be interrupted
• Containments/negative pressure critical to business operations
• Timing for loud construction activities critical to business operations
• Safety for construction workers, employees and clients