Commercial Office Building Repairs

Demolish of existing concrete floor, installation of micropiles, installation of rebar constructed concrete-encased grade beams, pouring of concrete structural floor and demolish and rebuild of CMU walls.



5 Months



Services Performed:

Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing




  • Remove concrete slab in the garage and basement of a commercial building
  • Demolish existing office space, including electrical, HVAC, plumbing while maintaining fire sprinkler systems and heat
  • Removal of concrete masonry walls (CMU) interior
  • Repair exterior precast concrete wall sections, remove cracked windows and reinstall
  • Remove approximately 2 feet of existing grade to install structural concrete floor
  • Install 50 micropiles on the interior basement floor for structural concrete floor, stabilize building with exterior micropiles
  • Construct rebar fabricated grade beams and 12” void material under the structural floor
  • Construct rebar grid over new-formed concrete grade beams
  • Pour new concrete structural floor
  • Rebuild of interior CMU walls
  • Install electrical ports and plumbing connections under the concrete structural floor
  • Clean and waterproof building connecting tunnel
  • Repair existing landscaping

project outcomes:

  • Quick turn around on the schedule
  • Access into the building with heavy equipment with low ceilings
  • Safety and health are constantly monitored during COVID-19
  • Tight space work, parking, and storage tight, trash access limited to daily removal
  • High visual work
  • 100% engineering observation
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