Townhome Repairs in Centennial, CO

Construction and waterproofing repairs to decks, concrete roadway removal and installation, grading and landscaping repairs, and exterior stone and composite deck install.



10 Months



Services Performed:

Civil Grading & Drainage

Balcony and Deck Repair




  • Removal of concrete roadway and subgrade and replacement with high early concrete and class 6 road base, compaction, and concrete testing
  • Removal of concrete sidewalks
  • Installation of concrete chase drains, repair and installation of new underground landscape drains, and positive sidewalk drainage
  • Regrade landscaping, installation of concrete chase drains and installation of new gutter drainage
  • Repair of retaining walls with new drain scuppers and through wall drains
  • Deck tear-off, waterproofing removal, reinstallation of EPDM, SAM, Vycor, and Tyvek replacement
  • Siding repair, flashing installation, frame repairs, caulking, and painting
  • Iron rail stabilization, rail extension, and waterproofing
  • Exterior stone removal, felt paper installation, lath installation, and new stone installation
  • New composite decking installation over new sleeper system and waterproofing
  • Soffit and trim repair, facia and siding replacement, and house wrap installation 
  • Communication and coordination with residents and ownership 

project outcomes:

  • Maintained residential occupancy during construction
  • Access was always allowed during construction
  • Constant moderation of health and safety 
  • Worked in tight spaces including parking and storage, with limited trash access
  • Installed temporary landing and platforms to allow tenant access
  • Completed high visual work
  • Worked with 100% engineering observation
  • Completed city final inspection
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